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Davies hopes to win more titles with Bayern Munich

Even though he was just a young player moving from Vancouver. Whitecaps from the US Major League Soccer team, his performance on the field of Alphonso. Davies is very good. He will have to step back into the left-back position. He can step up to


Bonucci insists Ronaldo will stay at Juventus

After they were unable to lead Juventus to the UEFA Champions League once. They never even made it to the finals. So they made the news out that Cristiano. Ronaldo prepares to bid farewell to Juventus for a new challenge in the football career. Although


Rudiger has yet to identify himself as a symbol of Chelsea.

Although he had to come down to the bench for some time, Antonio Rudiger has returned to the field as a key player for Chelsea. He was instrumental in helping Chelsea win the UEFA Champions League last season. Although Antonio Rudiger just moved in. Chelsea


Tuchel believes Lukaku will make Chelsea’s key players easier to play

Despite many options as a striker. Chelsea decided to pay £98 million for Inter Milan’s Romelu Lukaku to strengthen their attack despite having recently drawn. Timo Werner joins the team. Romelu Lukaku has previous experience in the English Premier League. Although his time at Manchester