Marcus Rasford posts first injury update after surgery

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Manchester United striker Marcus Rasford has posted an injury update on Instagram. After undergoing surgery on the shoulder area

England national team star He had to inject painkillers throughout the Euro 2020 football tournament and decided to take on the injury immediately so that his condition wouldn’t get any worse.

Rashford, 23, is expected to be out of action until the end of October. As a result, he will miss out on playing for Manchester United at the start of the season.

He posted the picture on his personal Instagram. showing a bandage on his shoulder

He wrote to describe the picture: “Thank you for all your support. I had surgery on Friday morning and everything went well. A little sore But other than that, I feel much better.”

Rashford scanned after Euro 2020 to assess his condition in the shoulder area Which he has been in chronic pain since November last year. Symptoms began to worsen towards the end of last season. Until Euro 2020, he had to take painkillers to play for England.

Rashford will miss the opening game of the season against rivals Leeds United on Saturday August 14, with him expected to miss eight league games. and three UEFA Champions League games.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the Red Devils manager There are other options in the position, such as 19-year-old winger Ahmad Diallo and Manchester United star Jadon Sancho, who are hoping he will step up the attacking line.