Good already! Mourinho surprised Spurs sack Nuno

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Roma boss Jose Mourinho has questioned his former club’s decision to sack Nuno Espirito Santo. Despite being in charge of the team for only 4 months

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Portugal manager Jose Mourinho has revealed he is surprised Tottenham Hotspur sack Nuno Espirito Santo. He believes that Nuno is already a good manager.

Nuno Espirito Santo was sacked as Tottenham Hotspur’s manager after their 3-0 home defeat to Manchester United dropped them to ninth in the table. Which they have lost 5 games from the first 10 games in the league only. Before the team decided to appoint Antonio Conte to take over the role.

However, Mourinho, 58, spoke to Sky Sport ahead of Roma’s Europa Conference League clash with Bodo/Gimt, where he commented on the Spurs’ change of manager. which he believed His former club were too hasty to sack Nuno, should have given him more time.

“I think Conte is a good manager. But Nuno is a very good manager. He’s been doing great at Wolverhampton for four to five years, not a year or a few months,” said Mourinho.

“I can tell that Tottenham. There is a very good manager at the moment (Conte). But before that, Nuno was already a very skilled manager.”

For the work of Nuno Espirito Santo led the army “Golden Spikes Chicken” to play poorly in the latter, losing 5 of the last 7 matches.