Linders confirms Liverpool are ready to face Leicester City

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Liverpool assistant manager Pepin Lijnders insists he is ready to send players on the pitch for the win over Leicester City, although more important games await.

Although the Carabao Cup is a platform for the reserve players of the big teams, especially when teams in the English Premier League face teams from the lower leagues, after progressing to the finals that face teams from the English Premier League. The same makes many teams start to send the main players into the field more because the chances of winning the championship are starting to look like a possibility. Some teams that are faced with a comfortable job send substitutes to the field together as a whole. But not all teams will. Meet with a comfortable job until reaching a deep cycle

Previously, West Ham United had to face both Manchester United and Manchester City, but it was good that they qualified for the next round successfully, while Liverpool did not find such an easy task to go through. Plus, most recently they had to face Leicester City to play at Andfield. But if they were careless, they could be eliminated as well. Which Pep Lijnders confirmed that Liverpool were ready for the match. Next up against Leicester City with the only goal is to win.

Earlier, many people were surprised by the starting XI against AC Milan. But we were the ones who got the win. Our main goal is to raise the level of every player in the team. Against Leicester City is known as a strong team. It is not easy, so we need to do our best to get the win.