Messi reveals Barcelona had plans for Verratti

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Messi reveals Barcelona had plans to bring Verratti with great performance at Pescara. It prompted Paris Saint-Germain to sign Marco Verratti in 2012. Marco Verratti has always been a staple of Paris Saint-Germain. Although he had some transfer news. Marco Verratti opted to stay at Paris Saint-Germain, and most recently Marco Verratti helped Italy win Euro 2020 come successfully

In which, Lionel Messi revealed that Barcelona had plans to bring Marco Verratti to the team. When he was still at Barcelona. ​​Marco Verratti as a player Fantastic by Lionel Messi said: “Marco Verratti has shown that he is one of the best midfielders in the world and Barcelona want him to join the team as well, but Turns out I moved to Paris Saint-Germain instead and Paris Saint-Germain is full of great players.”

Marco Verratti has made 346 appearances for Paris Saint-Germain in all competitions. Scoring nine goals and providing 58 assists and winning the title with Paris Saint-Germain. Main has reached 27 titles divided into French Ligue 1 champions 7 times, Cup de France 6 times, Cup de la Ligue 6 times and Trofe des Champignes 8 times unfortunately. Who has not won the UEFA Champions League even once to have passed to the finals successfully. ufabet