Rudiger has yet to identify himself as a symbol of Chelsea.

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Although he had to come down to the bench for some time, Antonio Rudiger has returned to the field as a key player for Chelsea. He was instrumental in helping Chelsea win the UEFA Champions League last season. Although Antonio Rudiger just moved in. Chelsea in 2017 But many fans praise Antonio. Rudiger has already become a symbol of Chelsea with his outstanding performances over the past several seasons.

Antonio Rudiger also thinks he is not ready for Chelsea’s iconic role. Like many legends He also hopes to bring Chelsea more success, with Antonio Rudiger saying: “I will do well, but to be a Chelsea legend it will be difficult. too We all work together as a team. So if we succeed as a team Being a legend should be judged by others. ufabet ”

Chelsea can get back into the top four and grab a ticket to the UEFA Champions League. The league has been successful in the past season. Chelsea are ready to return as a team to win the championship. English Premier League again Although we have not yet added anyone to join the team, but recently Chelsea are preparing to launch Romelu. Official Lukaku After Inter Milan accepted a £98 million Chelsea offer, Romelu Lukaku is traveling for a medical with Chelsea. He only left with a new official club debut.