Bonucci insists Ronaldo will stay at Juventus

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After they were unable to lead Juventus to the UEFA Champions League once. They never even made it to the finals. So they made the news out that Cristiano. Ronaldo prepares to bid farewell to Juventus for a new challenge in the football career. Although he entered the end of his football career, but Cristiano Ronaldo is still doing great. There are many teams interested in Cristiano. Ronaldo is the same especially at home country club Sporting Lisbon.

Cristiano Ronaldo has just one year left on his contract with Juventus. Lionel Messi’s announcement of leaving Barcelona could affect Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision Likewise. Leonardo Bonucci is confident that the transfer of Lionel’s team. Messi has No Influence on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Decision by Leonardo Bonucci said in an interview: “I am sure that Cristiano Ronaldo will definitely stay with Juventus until Lionel. Messi will move or not move the team.”

“I believe that Cristiano Ronaldo will definitely help us return to the goals. We have set for the season 2021/22 coming up. “Although Juventus have not lost the main players from the team. But Juventus plans to bring new players to join the team. especially Miralem The flashy Pjanic was released from Barcelona. which leonardo Bonucci was confident that Miralem Pjanic will greatly enhance Juventus’ midfield.