Hasenhuttl: Long is still important to Southampton

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Southampton’s Austrian manager Ralph Hasenhuttl has revealed that Shane Long is still a key player despite the lack of playing time given his age and having scored his first goal in nearly a year. 2 years

Although he used to be a mainstay at Southampton before with excellent on-field performances, but with his age, Shane Long’s performance began to underperform. Sending him to the League Championship side Bournemouth. Thor was on loan and eventually had to come back to Southampton again. But his role was reduced to being a full-back Southampton plus. The main striker Armando Broya also performed very well and Continuously score goals

But recently Ralph Hasenhuttl decided to send Shane Long into the starting XI in the UFABET FA Cup match against Swansea City and it was the right decision because Shane Long managed to score one goal and another. One assist helped Southampton qualify for the next round. Despite having to wait until extra-time. Ralph Hasenhuttl admits Shane Long is still a key player for Southampton. Though will enter the end of the football career is completed

As I’ve said since the last transfer window. All of our players are equally important. I would like all players to stay with the team especially in the midst of the devastating coronavirus pandemic. This is how you have to keep as many players as possible.