Werner is confident he can join Lukaku.

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Timo Werner has revealed he is excited about Romelu Lukaku’s arrival. pointing out that there will be a perfect coordination.

Credit: The Sun Us.

Chelsea striker Timo Werner Chelsea are believed to be on the verge of signing one of the three best strikers in the world. and also pointed out that if coordinating with him it would be a good thing

German national team striker Disappointing results Although the team was able to win the Champions League successfully He has scored just six goals and eight assists in 35 league games, joining from RB Leipzig for £48m.

with such a form of play There are rumors that Thomas Tuchel, the Chelsea manager. Dissatisfied with the form of play of this striker is very much. He told the club he needed a new striker. Makes in the market this summer, Chelsea has become a leading striker across Europe. And most recently, they have signed a new striker from Inter Milan, Lomelu Lukaku, who returns to Stamford Bridge for €115 million.

Lukaku’s arrival could hamper Werner’s role in the squad, with many expecting Tuchel to use a single striker-only plan. Although Werner is able to stand in the offensive position on the edge of the line. Still, Werner is optimistic. He believed that Lukaku’s arrival This will allow him to play better when the big striker gives him a break.

“He’s one of the best three strikers in the world,” said the German forward.  ufabet 

“I don’t think we need to explain how great he is. He is a world class striker. Every team benefits if there are players like him on the team.”

“At Leipzig it helps me a lot to have a big striker playing by my side. I’m not a big person and when playing in the offensive line You are always being watched by one or two very strong defenders.”

“I think it’s a good new weapon. help us to be more diverse which if playing long ball, he will be able to rest the ball with speed players around him. I think that is good for all teams for sure.”

For Chelsea will play the UEFA Super Cup. to meet Villarreal at Windsor Park on Wednesday night, August 11 at 2:00 AM (Thailand time).