‘Simeone’ believes anything can happen even if ‘Bear seal’ follows a ‘boat’

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Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone is confident his players will return to good form against Manchester City in the quarter-finals. Second leg of UCL after losing the first game and still losing. Mallorca continued for the second time and pointed out that any round ball can happen.

Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone is confident his side will return to form in their Champions League quarter-final second leg at the Wanda Metropo. Litano Received a visit to Manchester City on Wednesday April 13. Despite losing two games in a row. This includes the invasion and defeat of the sailboat in the first game as well. 

Atami team has the best performance of the season. Not losing to any team for 8 consecutive games. But after losing to City , the first game of the biggest cup in Europe 0-1. Then losing to Real Mallorca in the Spanish La Liga match 0-1, for example The same resulted in losing two matches in a row. But the Argentine coach is hopeful that the UFABET team will return to show good results in the midweek cup game.

“We’re not going to change our approach from what we’ve done ,” Simeone said when asked about his tactics in Wednesday’s second leg. has a faster movement Take advantage of counterattacks with greater accuracy. And our experienced players can make a wonderful night. In one game anything can happen.”

Koke, the captain of the team for 30 years, did not agree with Criticism of the team’s approach to playing from various people, especially Pep Guardiola, the opponent’s team manager who sees it as a 5-5-0 plan that is focused on receiving only But do not think to go ahead and fight by insisting that every team has its own play plan And he liked the plans of his own team and that of his opponents.

“People outside can say what they want. But we have a plan and we will try to play as we think at our stadium,” the Spaniard said. “Every team has their own philosophy of playing. I love the way Manchester City play and I love the way Atletico Madrid play with passion. enthusiasm and commitment I like both styles.”