Messi unsure when he will play for Paris Saint-Germain

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After Messi helped Argentina win the Copa America, Lionel Messi is out for a long time awaiting talks with Barcelona over a new contract. But with the problem of excessive debt, Barcelona also hit La Liga. Spain lowers wage ceiling It made an extension of Lionel’s contract. Messi must terminate immediately Paris Saint-Germain, who has brought Lionel Messi to the team, has completed a two-year contract plus a one-year contract extension.

But he abandoned the field long enough. It makes Lionel Messi need some time to prepare. He is unsure when he will be available for Paris Saint-Germain. Lionel Messi said in an interview: “I can’t say when I will be playing for Paris Saint-Germain because I was just on vacation and I had a discussion with the staff. The technical department of Paris Saint-Germain is already in order to ask for some time to prepare.”

“I have already started training with Paris Saint-Germain. To prepare for the new season that is about to begin in the next few weeks. If the technical department confirms that I can return to the field successfully. I was ready to go on the field immediately.
Although, I recently parted ways with Barcelona and although talks over a new contract have been going well, Lionel Messi has revealed that Barcelona will always be his home. Although I feel a little strange playing for other teams, I am ready to give my best to rival Barcelona.