Romano updates Man City deal progress with rising star River Pelt

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  • Manchester City close to signing Claudio Echeverri
  • Barcelona are also interested in this player.
  • Chelsea tried to negotiate but was unsuccessful.
Romano updates Man City deal progress with rising star River Pelt

Fabrizio Romano, famous Italian football journalist. It has been revealed that Manchester City. A giant club in the English Premier League is close to reaching an agreement to acquire Claudio Echeverri. A future playmaker from River Pelt, to join the team.

Romano said: “Claudio Echeverri is close to joining Manchester City. I would like to explain to you what is happening with this boy because Barcelona want him. Deco (Barcelona sports director) is a big fan of the player. 

“Others at Barcelona know this talented youngster very well. He plays for River Plate and has a contract until December 2024. Which is a dangerous situation for River Plate. As his release clause is €25 million and increases to €30 million in the last 10 days of the transfer window. touch”

“It is impossible for Barcelona to make an agreement happen. Due to financial constraints Although the player was persuaded by the opportunity to move to Barcelona because he understood that The ufabet club really likes him and Chelsea have made contact to get Echeverry.”

“But at the end of the day, Manchester City are the team that has the most chance. and is entering the final stage of negotiations.”