Harry Kane’s role that may determine fate England national team in Euro 2024

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  • Harry Kane failed to show his form against Serbia in the first match of Euro 2024.
  • Southgate adjusts Kane to play as support up front. Which is not suitable for this star player’s way of playing.
  • The big problem is that England have too many good players in the same position.
Harry Kane's role that may determine fate England national team in Euro 2024

Harry Kane was criticized in the first place. After England’s national team game defeated Serbia 1-0, which despite being three important points in the opening match. But the goal-scoring striker, Kane, was very little involved in the game. Throughout the first half, England unleashed a barrage of attacks on their opponents. Harry Kane in his role as a striker, touched the ball only 2 times only. Therefore, it is an issue that makes people question what exactly happened to this striker.

Recently, Jamie Carragher wrote in The Telegraph to explain why Harry Kane changed from a tricky striker to a harmless star in a short period of time. Including if the England national team wants to be successful, what form should Kane’s role take? Today has summarized an interesting analysis of Carragher for everyone to read.

Southgate is using the wrong people.

Gareth Southgate certainly has thought of all the ways to help the England national team reach their dreams. One of them is to transform Harry Kane into a finishing striker like Erling Haaland. If you look at it superficially. This idea seems to be easy to succeed by using a striker who is already capable of finishing sharply to support the opposing defenders. The responsibility of creating offensive plays is left to the midfielders instead. While the striker only has the duty to wait for the finishing moment.

The problem is that this type of game plan has reduced the potential of a star player like Harry Kane by more than half. Because Kane’s specialty is that he is a versatile striker who can play in many styles. Therefore, putting him in the number 9 position alone may cause more harm than good. If Gareth Southgate still stubbornly uses him like this. It may affect the overall form of the team to the point of being knocked out of the tournament. *It is easy to notice from the fact that Kane only touched the ball twice in the first half in this style of play.

It turned out that when the team attacked a little The more you play, the better?

When the referee blew the final whistle, Harry Kane’s touches had increased to 24 throughout the ufabet https://ufabet999.app game. That meant the striker had more than ten times more touches in the second half than in the first half. This goes against the rules of football because when the team had less possession, Kane had more touches. When the team was playing well, Kane did not show his form. But when the team was playing badly. Kane played better was more involved, and almost scored a goal.

Carragher has divided the best strikers into two categories: good players and good finishers. While Haaland is a very good finisher, Harry Kane is a good player who scores a lot of goals. And the reason Kane has become a world-class player is that he can lift the team without having to score a single goal. So, turning him into a finisher out of fear of other players’ space may be something Southgate needs to weigh up.

How to bring out Harry Kane’s maximum performance?

Harry Kane is at his best when he is surrounded by pacey team-mates. For example, in the previous three major tournaments. Kane has often dropped deep to receive the ball and then play it out to pacey players like Bukayo Saka, Raheem Sterling and Marcus Rashford.

But in the first 30 minutes against Serbia, Saka was the only one who could use his pace to break into the opposition penalty area. It was too much of a burden on one player. Harry Kane was left alone and didn’t have much of a chance to touch the ball. So it can be seen that the lack of a player with pace has made the England team play worse and worse. It is surprising that Anthony Gordon was not sent to the field when the problem was obvious. Or even Ollie Watkins, who should have been fresher and faster than Kane, was not substituted towards the end of the game.

Gareth Southgate’s daunting choices

The problem in the game came from Gareth Southgate not wanting to have symptoms. “I love you, I feel sorry for you” which is definitely true in tournament level football. There will be difficulties when the manager wants to send every talented player onto the field as much as possible. For example, players like Jude Bellingham and Phil Foden have the same style of playing as a number 10. Therefore, in the game against Serbia, it became everyone trying to compete for his space to play in the middle, including Trent Alexander-Arnold Who tried to join in another jam, Harry Kane had to move up higher than usual to make way for all three players to play in the area in front of the penalty area. The disadvantage was that Kane was not involved in the attacking game at all.

England’s current problems are similar to those of Vicente del Bosque’s Spain at Euro 2012, when the Spanish side were loaded with quality players in different positions: Xavi, Sergio Busquets, Andres Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, David Silva and Cesc Fabregas. Del Bosque ended up fielding all of them at the same time, with the Spanish side playing without a central striker. However, the greatness of each player helped Spain to cohere.

Even Gareth Southgate tried to solve the problem with the same method. But the quality and experience of this England team may not be as strong as the Spain national team in 2012, so Southgate may have to ask himself what will be most beneficial to the team. The ultimate between letting Harry Kane play in the position he’s most comfortable with or trying to put all the good players on the field. But it will come in exchange for reducing Harry Kane’s efficiency by half.