How dangerous is it to swallow “fruit seeds”?

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Many people have probably accidentally swallowed fruit seeds. From small seeds like oranges, lemons, and guava (that some people like to chew But it’s not very detailed because it’s hard) or it’s a larger seed like tamarind, custard apple, or santol that has recently been in the news. Therefore there is doubt that swallowing fruit seeds actually enters the stomach. How dangerous is it? If you swallow it, what should you do? Health has the answer.

How dangerous is it to swallow "fruit seeds"?

swallow fruit seeds How dangerous is it?

  • Dangerous to the respiratory tract

before extending to the abdomen These fruit seeds are at risk of getting stuck in the throat. Close the airway Until you can’t breathe. In this ทางเข้า ufabet case, lives can be risked within a matter of minutes. If stuck seeds cannot be removed promptly Especially the seeds that are large and hard. It can be even more acutely dangerous to life. In case of being stuck in the respiratory tract But it’s not so obstructive that you can’t breathe. But it causes the respiratory tract to become infected, inflamed, and cough out blood or pus. Until there may be various complications such as pneumonia, lung abscess, pus in the pleural cavity, etc.

Dangerous to the esophagus

In the case where the airway can be cleared But it may not mean that these foreign objects like fruit seeds It flows smoothly to the stomach and large intestine until it is always successfully excreted outside the body. If the seeds are large Or have sharp edges that can get stuck in the esophagus for a long time. without falling out. It may cause the mucosa in that area to become inflamed and ulcerated, and may even perforate the esophagus.

  • Dangerous to the intestines

Now if the fruit seeds are somewhat slippery. It may flow far into the intestines and stomach, but along the way it may become stuck in any part. Especially the large intestine, which is often found to close off the intestines causing intestinal obstruction. Or if it’s a sharp seed like santol, once it passes through the stomach barrier. The slimy flesh of the fruit will disappear, leaving only the hard seeds. That is sharp that may cause the large intestine to become ulcerated Colon perforation Feces leak out into the abdominal cavity. Causes symptoms of infection in the bloodstream Until the condition worsens to the point of death as well.

If you accidentally swallow the fruit seeds What must I do?

If it’s a small seed like an orange, lemon, guava seed, or other seeds that is no larger than this If passing through the trachea And if the esophagus goes into the stomach, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. (unless the jackpot falls into the appendix) Until it becomes blocked and becomes appendicitis. But it doesn’t happen often. or it happened that easily)

But if the seeds are a bit larger, such as tamarind, custard apple, and mangosteen, which are hard and not very slippery There is a risk of it getting stuck in the windpipe. or respiratory tract Observe your symptoms to see whether you can breathe in and out easily or not. And wait 2-3 days to observe symptoms if there are no abnormal symptoms. Can lead a normal life But if you have trouble breathing, feel uncomfortable, or have stomach pain, you should see a doctor immediately.

And finally, if it is a large seed and has an internal sharpness like santol It is recommended that you consult a doctor early. without having to wait to see any symptoms Because there is a higher risk of harming the body than small fruit seeds. Many patients were found to have to undergo surgery after swallowing santol fruit seeds into the body. Therefore, if found first Then follow up on symptoms. Or having surgery done before it has caused symptoms of intestinal perforation or inflammation will help reduce the risk of infection. or death